Aspirational Living

Aspirational Living


“During the last two years we have seen Rupal and Guy building their business and expanding it with great diligence, professionalism, thoughtfulness and honesty. We have started our working relationship with them as lenders with the understanding that they should also provide us with regular updates on the project. They helped us follow the ins and outs of their project transparently and regularly and proved us in action their excellent understanding of the market, their attention to detail, their honesty, their professionalism and good project planning skills but also their resilience and good humor when difficulties arise. They are definitely trustworthy and reliable partners and I would not hesitate to recommend them.” MS & MA

“I spent considerable time assessing and thoroughly vetting different developers, including some long-established ‘big names’, before making an investment. I was looking for a solid return from people with a good track record, reputation, communication skills and openness about their business. I found all of those qualities in Rupal and Guy (while some of the “big names” fell short). Just as importantly, Rupal and Guy are both people that I trust and enjoy working with. Rupal keeps in regular contact, to update me on their business and check that I’m happy with everything. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to other investors.” JS

“I would like to say for the record, that you have been a fantastic Property Manager for us and I shall miss you greatly.”  – AM

“Firstly I’d like to thank you for my time at the house, it’s a lovey house and I’ve really enjoyed living here.” – RJ

“Thank you for all your support while I’ve been here, it’s been an absolute pleasure. Please pass on my thanks to the rest of the team too!” – JB

“I have loved living here and am sad to leave, but this is a great opportunity for me [to relocate for work]. Thank you!” – IW

“I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for being a very professional, trustworthy, and considerate landlord. Living here for over a year has been a really great experience, and the property is a wonderful place to live. Thank you for all your help and everything you’ve done whilst I’ve been a tenant of yours.” – EH

“Having previously rented a room from Blue Infinity Property Group, I knew they were great landlords to get along with, who take pride in the quality of their rooms and homes. When I knew I’d be returning to Reading, I got in contact with them and they happily found me another great room that suited my preferences.” – TO

“We were really lucky to find Blue Infinity Property Group just when we came to live in the UK. Renting with them is easy, friendly and you avoid all the problems and fees of renting with many other agencies. I had to leave after one year because I needed a larger house, but I really hope that I can rent with them again in the future. Many thanks for all your help while we were your tenants!” – EG