Aspirational Living

Aspirational Living


Blue Infinity Property Group is a Berkshire-based property investment, development, and management company committed to building and providing superior quality aspirational homes for our tenants, buyers, and relocation clients.

We pride ourselves on developing strong relationships with sellers and investors across London, the Thames Valley, and Home Counties to create beautiful homes that contribute to the local landscape and improve the communities we work in.

To learn more about what we do and how we can work with you, please get in touch.  We’re always happy to have a chat.


Guy Brown ➞

Guy founded Blue Infinity in 2012 with a goal to increase the availability of high quality homes and transform run-down properties and neighbourhoods into homes and communities to be proud of. Guy brings over a decade of experience in the luxury hospitality business and a commitment to exacting detail to every Blue Infinity property.

“The difference between a 3-star finish and a 7-star finish is a thousand little details,” he often says. “Even if our clients don’t notice these details consciously, they will pick up on them subconsciously, so we need to make sure we get the details right.”

He is excited to lead Blue Infinity’s growth in the construction of new builds and the conversion of large period properties into high-end residential apartments.

If you’d like to get in touch with Guy, please email him at or find him on LinkedIn.

Rupal Patel ➞

Rupal co-founded Blue Infinity in 2012, leading the company’s business development, fundraising and outreach from the beginning. Rupal comes from a family of property developers and investors, where many a dinner conversation veered towards discussions of interest rates and GDV.

She left her native New York in 2011 to make London, and now Berkshire, her home.  After finishing her MBA at London Business School, she helped lead Blue Infinity’s growth and cultivated investor relationships in the UK and internationally.

When project managing a site, Rupal brings her New York savvy and keen eye for aesthetics to each Blue Infinity project. “You have to have standards, so they may as well be good ones,” she often tells her team. “We make our standards very clear and that attracts partners who share our commitment to quality and exacting detail.”

If you want to send Rupal a note, you can reach her at or find her on LinkedIn.

Clare Hart ➞

Clare joined Blue Infinity in 2015 after a career as an  account director within the design industry and an international jewellery entrepreneur.

As Blue Infinity’s Portfolio Manager, Clare is focused on the company’s day to day operations and customer relations. Using her interpersonal instincts and knack for negotiation, Clare has helped the company grow and expand since joining the team.

“Always trust your gut,” she says about her work with potential customers and partners. “One disruptive personality can ruin a project.”

Looking to the future, Clare is excited about spreading the Blue Infinity brand across the south and southeast.

If you want to send Clare a note, you can reach her at or on LinkedIn.


“I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for being a very professional, trustworthy, and considerate landlord. Living here for over a year has been a really great experience, and the property is a wonderful place to live. Thank you for all your help and everything you’ve done whilst I’ve been a tenant of yours.”


“Thank you for all your support while I’ve been here, it’s been an absolute pleasure. Please pass on my thanks to the rest of the team too!”


Having previously rented a room from Blue Infinity Property Group, I knew they were great landlords to get along with, who take pride in the quality of their rooms and homes. When I knew I’d be returning to Reading, I got in contact with them and they happily found me another great room that suited my preferences.


“I have loved living here and am sad to leave, but this is a great opportunity for me [to relocate for work]. Thank you!”